AST strives to make its performances and facilities accessible to all our patrons. This year, we are excited to offer a sensory-friendly performance of Much Ado About Nothing on July 5, with more information below. However, if you have questions about any other accommodations or need assistance for another performance, please contact Rebekah Scallet's office at (501)-852-0702 (voice), or email

Sensory-Friendly Performance of Much Ado About Nothing

Thursday, July 5 at 2 pm

Our sensory friendly performance is designed to provide an experience of our family Shakespeare production that is inviting to all individuals with sensory processing deficits, including (but not limited to) those on the autism disorder spectrum and their families. We welcome you to relax and be who you are. In order to share the joy of Shakespeare with everyone, we will be providing accommodations including the following: 


    • Lighting modifications (elimination of flashing lights)

    • Lights will remain on in the theatre at a low level


    • ​Lower sound level during performance

    • Reduction of unexpected noises

    • Glow sticks raised to warn when a surprise will happen on stage

    • Noise reducing headphones


    • Extra space between seats and easy access to aisles to get in and out during performance

    • Some seating available on the floor


    • ​Volunteers on-site to help those with mobility impairments

    • Accessible parking and easy entrance to the theatre space


    • Designated calming space near the performance area

    • Freedom for patrons to leave their seats and talk during the performance

    • Space throughout the theatre for standing and movement

    • Limited crowds

    • Volunteers trained to be inviting and accommodating to families' need



More information such as a sensory map, character guide, and information on how to identify volunteers will be provided before the performance.  


How can I get tickets?

Tickets for this performance can be purchased online here, in person at the Reynolds Performance Hall Box Office, or by calling (501)-450-3265 during box office hours (Monday-Friday, 12pm-4pm). 

My child/family member/client has difficulty with transitions. Is there anything I can do to prep him/her for this new experience?

AST will provide a character guide and social story to help you prepare for the full theatrical experience. These will be available on our web site in mid June. 

Can I bring snacks, fidget toys, headphones or other items that help my child/family member stay calm?

Yes. All beverages must have lids if you choose to bring a drink. We will also provide noise reducing headphones. 

Are electronics allowed in the theatre? 

Tablets and smartphones will be allowed to be used to help non-verbal audience members communicate. 

Are service animals allowed in the theatre?

Yes, Reynolds Performance Hall allows service animals to accompany patrons. 


If my child/family member/client is not able to sit through the entire show, will we be able to leave the theatre? If they decide to, will we be able to return to our seat?

Yes, volunteers will be available to guide patrons to our calming space or the lobby. If you decide you cannot finish the show, you can leave the theatre early. Whenever possible, a volunteer will guide you back to your original seats when you are ready to return. 

Our sensory-friendly performance of Much Ado About Nothing is made possible by a grant from the UCA Foundation.  We are grateful to them for their support.