Announcing the 2015 Season Cast

    AST is excited to announce the cast for our 2015 Summer Season. Many names you’ll recognize from past seasons, while others will be making their AST debuts! As always, we're bringing together great actors from across the country and right here at home to make up our incredible ensemble. Almost all of our actors will appear in at least two productions this summer, which will keep them on their toes. Rehearsals start May 12, so you’ll be seeing these folks around Conway and UCA very soon.

    The 2015 Company

    David Bauman--Rabbi, Fiddler

    Courtney Bennett--Mistress Ford, Merry Wives/Rosalind, As You Like It

    Tanner Berry--Ensemble, Fiddler / Ensemble, Merchant

    Jo Blackstone--Golde, Fiddler

    Mattie Bogoslavsky--Grandmother Tzeitel, Fiddler/Ensemble, Merchant

    *Chad Bradford--Master Ford, Merry Wives/Bassanio, Merchant

    Matthew Duncan--Caius & Bardolph, Merry Wives/Jacques, As You Like It

    Mark Fox--Mendel, Fiddler/ Salarino & Ensemble, Merchant

    Charlie Friedman--Fiddler, Fiddler

    Jordy Neill--Slender, Merry Wives/ Lancelot Gobbo, Merchant

    Holly Ruth Gale--Frumah Sarah & Ensemble, Fiddler

    Taylor Galloway--Ensemble, Fiddler/ Nerissa, Merchant

    Jeff Gonzalez--Evans, Merry Wives/ Salanio, Merchant

    Jenna Hokanson--Anne Page, Merry Wives/Celia, As You Like It

    Matthew Holcomb--Fyedka, Fiddler/ Orlando, As You Like It

    Garrett Houston--Ensemble, Fiddler

    Sydney Ippolito--Chava, Fiddler

    *Peter Kevoian--Tevye, Fiddler/ Duke & Old Gobbo, Merchant

    *Paul Kiernan--Falstaff, Merry Wives/Antonio, Merchant

    Austin Larkin--Fenton & Nym, Merry Wives/Silvius, As You Like It

    *Dan Matisa--Shylock, Merchant/ Nachum, Fiddler

    Hannah Moulder--Hodel, Fiddler/ Jessica, Merchant

    Jordy Neill--Slender, Merry Wives/ Lancelot Gobbo, Merchant

    Moriah Patterson--Ensemble, Fiddler/ Phoebe, As You Like It

    *Stacy Pendergraft--Mistress Quickly, Merry Wives/ Yenta, Fiddler

    Ferginho Philippe-Auguste--Pistol, Merry Wives/Prince of Morocco, Merchant

    Jess Prichard--Mordcha, Fiddler/Duke Senior & Duke Frederick, As You Like It

    Ricky Pope--Master Shallow, Merry Wives/ Lazar Wolf, Fiddler

    Paige Reynolds--Mistress Page, Merry Wives

    Hunter Ringsmith--Perchik, Merry Wives/ Lorenzo, Merchant

    Matthew Schmidli--Host, Merry Wives/ Gratiano, Merchant

    Harrison Trigg--Ensemble, Fiddler / Salario & Ensemble, Merchant

    David Weatherly--Avram, Fiddler

    Garrett Whitehead--Motel, Fiddler/Touchstone, As You Like It

    Jocelyn Vammer--Tzeitel, Fiddler/ Portia, Merchant

    *Indicates member of Actors' Equity Association

    Youth Ensemble

    Aaron Eley--Rugby/Robert, Merry Wives

    Josie Ghormley--Bielke, Fiddler

    Jack Ghormley--Child of Windsor, Merry Wives

    Claire Gillaspy--Shprintze, Fiddler

    Anna Caroline Gregg--Ensemble, Merchant

    Sarah Guinee--Child of Windsor, Merry Wives

    Ethan Hemphill--John, Merry Wives

    Anna Beth Jeane--Child of Windsor, Merry Wives

    Jackson Karl--Ensemble, Fiddler

    Rebecca Kuo--Ensemble, Fiddler

    Amanda Kuo--Ensemble, Fiddler

    Camille Lambert--Child of Windsor, Merry Wives

    Madeline Leicht--Simple, Merry Wives

    Ethan Marotte--Ensemble, Merchant

    Olivia Marotte--Ensemble, Merchant

    Simon Marotte--Robin, Merry Wives

    Maddie Meek--Child of Windsor, Merry Wives

    Kate Parrack--Child of Windsor, Merry Wives

    Anna Reynolds--Child of Windsor, Merry Wives

    Zoe Russell--Ensemble, Fiddler

    Kendall Watson--Ensemble, Fiddler

    Henry Whisenhunt--William Page, Merry Wives

    Joey Whisenhunt--Ensemble, Fiddler

    Maggie Whisenhunt--Ensemble, Fiddler

    Zeke Whisenhunt--Child of Windsor, Merry Wives

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    Monday - Friday, 10-4 CST


    Reynolds Performance Hall 

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